The City has been receiving inquiries from residents regarding an ongoing signature-gathering effort that they have observed taking place around retail establishments in the City and going door-to-door in Yorba Linda neighborhoods. This article is intended to provide facts and information to residents about this effort.

The ownership of the Bryant Ranch Shopping Center have initiated the process to modify the zoning on their property. Pursuant to the Yorba Linda Right-to-Vote Initiative approved by the voters in 2006 (Measure B), and consistent with the State Initiative process, a property owner is permitted to make this request to the voters of Yorba Linda. Yorba Linda’s “Measure B” citizen initiative requires certain increases in zoning to be approved by a majority of voters in the City. This action to pursue the increase in zoning is being taken by the property owner, which is their legal right.

Yorba Linda Mayor Gene Hernandez offered public comments on this item at the November 21 City Council meeting to provide information and clarity to the public. You can read those comments and see the video here.

In order for the Bryant Ranch Shopping Center owner to qualify a measure for the ballot, at least 10% of the registered voters in the City must sign the petition. Petition signers must be registered to vote in Yorba Linda. They can be from anywhere in the City. The number of signatures they require are required to gather is 4,805. If they fail to gather those signatures, the effort will not appear on a future ballot. The signature-gathering process started on November 9, 2023, and must conclude by April 24, 2024.

The ballot measure description prepared by the City Attorney can be found here.

If you have additional questions about the signature-gathering process, please contact the City Clerk at