The City of Yorba Linda is actively working to plan for the future of housing in our community.

The City has worked with community voices to develop a draft plan for the City’s new Housing Element, the State-required housing plan that every city in California must adopt. This revised Housing Element proposal reflects significant community feedback, reduces the impacts of new housing development on existing neighborhoods and creates a framework to revitalize the Savi Ranch area with new development and housing opportunities. Now the City is seeking resident feedback on this revised plan.

Yorba Linda residents are encouraged to:

  • Read about the revised Housing Element
  • Review the parcels of land that have been proposed for zoning changes
  • Ask questions about the Housing Element process and why certain decisions were made

This draft Housing Element deserves community feedback and City Staff is actively seeking out resident feedback throughout the Housing Element review and adoption process.

Adopting a Housing Element is a critical requirement of State law. Failure to adopt a compliant housing element can result in loss of funding, significant fines, loss of local land use control and create an opportunity for developers to use “Builder’s Remedy” to bypass significant portions of our local land use code and build residential housing on their terms–not the community’s. That is why your participation is so important.

Land use is complex and this website is intended to provide a high-level overview of the law and requirements and provide our community with the basics so they can ask questions and find more resources.

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