Impact of Upcoming Local Control Ballot Measure

Measure B, Yorba Linda’s Right-to-Vote Amendment, empowers voters to approve or reject major adjustments to the City’s land use documents. As the conditionally certified Housing Element requires zoning changes, Yorba Linda voters must approve these changes to maintain the Housing Element certification by the State in November 2024.

How does the local control measure impact Yorba Linda?

  • If the Local Control Measure passes, the City will:

    • Maintain local control over zoning, planning, and building
    • Create opportunities for local business shopping and dining experiences
    • Protect open spaces
    • Preserve single-family home character of neighborhoods
  • If the Local Control Measure does not pass, the City will:

    • Lose local control over land use
    • Forfeit protection over some open space, allowing developers more control
    • Become subject to Builder’s Remedy, a legal provision that prevents cities from rejecting development proposals that do not align with local zoning and planning requirements
    • Lose access to State grant funds