Impact of Upcoming Local Control Ballot Measure

Measure B, Yorba Linda’s Right-to-Vote Amendment, empowers voters to approve or reject major adjustments to the City’s land use documents. As the conditionally certified Housing Element requires zoning changes, Yorba Linda voters must approve these changes to maintain the Housing Element certification by the State in November 2024.

How does the local control measure impact Yorba Linda?

  • Adopted Local Control Measure:

    • No Builder’s Remedy available to developers
    • City retains local zoning and planning authority
    • Rezoning affects less than 2% of all land in Yorba Linda
    • City remains eligible for grant funding
    • No fines
    • Open space remains protected from housing development
    • More local control over housing projects, including design and zoning
    • Creates a new opportunity for a downtown living and shopping experience in Savi Ranch
    • More local control to limit traffic impacts
    • Preserves the existing character of single-family neighborhoods in Yorba Linda
    • Preserves more rights for residents to vote on future zoning changes (Measure B)
    • Recommended by a Resident Working Group, comprised of community members who reviewed and discussed policy choices
  • Rejected Local Control Measure:

    • Builder’s Remedy available to developers
    • State can become the local planning and zoning authority
    • Approximately 75% of the City could become subject to builder’s remedy
    • Potential loss of grant funding available for City
    • Fines of up to $600,000 a month
    • Privately-owned open space could become subject to builder’s remedy
    • Grants developers more authority to determine building density and height
    • Enables developers to bypass local zoning rules and design standards and increase the number of affordable housing units
    • Makes Yorba Linda vulnerable to an increase in high density housing developments across the City