With the recent submission of the 2021-2029 Housing Element to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), the City of Yorba Linda reflects on the remarkable level of community engagement during this process. During the last months of 2023, a series of community workshops and public meetings proved pivotal in shaping the future of housing in Yorba Linda with resident feedback at the center. These events, a testament to the City’s commitment to a resident-driven approach, have successfully united the community in a collaborative dialogue on housing and land-use policies.

From September to October 2023, Yorba Linda conducted a series of six community workshops, drawing active participation from over 200 residents. These workshops, a mix of in-person and virtual events, included extensive Q&A sessions and discussions across various City locations, culminating in robust community engagement. Recordings are available for the Virtual Q&A and In-Person Workshop 3 in case you were unable to attend.

The Planning Commission met on October 25 at City Hall, where it reviewed and supported the proposed revisions to the draft Housing Element, emphasizing the need for continued public input. Following this, on December 5, the City Council unanimously voted to advance the draft Housing Element to HCD for a state compliance review. This progression aligns with the City’s commitment to retaining local control while meeting state mandates and is a major milestone in the process toward a fully certified Housing Element.

It is anticipated that HCD will complete their review by early spring 2024. If approval is granted, the City will take this effort through another extensive community engagement and public hearing process in late spring 2024 to begin the action of formally adopting the Housing Element and its accompanying General Plan Amendments and Zoning Code Amendments. Ultimately, in November 2024, Yorba Linda voters will decide any major zoning changes in accordance with Yorba Linda’s Right-to-Vote Amendment (also known as “Measure B”).

The City Council recognizes the invaluable contributions of Yorba Linda residents in this process. The active community participation is not just a step towards a fully certified Housing Element, protecting the City from Builder’s Remedy projects and other negative consequences, but a testament to the City’s ethos of fostering a balanced housing plan that upholds Yorba Linda’s distinct character and quality of life.

Residents interested in further details can access recordings of the workshops and webinars at YLLocalControl.com. For ongoing updates and information on how to stay engaged in Yorba Linda’s Housing Element process, please sign up for our email updates or contact YLHousingElement@yorbalindaca.gov.