In a significant development for the future of housing in Yorba Linda, the City has received conditional approval from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for its revised Housing Element. Following the resubmission to HCD, the state agency has determined that Yorba Linda’s Housing Element aligns with State law.

The journey to this point has been underpinned by the City’s commitment to a resident-driven approach. In early December 2023, the City submitted the draft Housing Element, which had been meticulously developed with significant resident input. The Housing Element was subsequently amended to address specific concerns, including the removal of the Bryant Ranch Center site from the plan.

HCD’s approval of the resident-driven Housing Element marks a pivotal moment in the City’s ongoing efforts to navigate state-mandated housing policies while maintaining Yorba Linda’s community character. The dedication of our residents to maintain local control has played a significant role in advancing the City’s Housing Element to this stage.

With HCD’s approval, the City may proceed through the public hearing process. To kick off public engagement, the City will soon announce a series of virtual and in-person community meetings. Stay tuned for more information. The next critical step will be to present the revised traffic study to the Traffic Commission, tentatively scheduled for April 25, 2024. Following this, likely in May, the Planning Commission is expected to conduct its public hearing, setting the stage for the City Council to consider the plan in June or July. This sequence of events will culminate in Yorba Linda voters’ ultimate choice to potentially ratify the Housing Element through a ballot measure in November. This step is in accordance with Measure B, Yorba Linda’s Right-to-Vote Amendment, which ensures that certain zoning changes are subject to voter approval.

To learn more about local control, the Housing Element and the significant educational resources the City has made available, watch our new animated video.

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