Builders Remedy

What happens if the revised Housing Element fails or succeeds on the November 2024 ballot?

If it fails, the City would lose local control over land use, forfeit protection over some open space, allowing developers more control, become subject to Builder's Remedy and lose access to State grant funds. If it succeeds, the City would maintain local control over zoning, planning and building, create opportunities for local business shopping and

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Does the Yorba Linda Right-to-Vote (Measure B) override other laws when it comes to rezoning? Why doesn’t it protect Yorba Linda from Builder’s Remedy?

State law takes precedence over local laws and ordinances. Measure B only applies to certain City actions to approve or reject major adjustment's to the City land use documents. In contrast, the Builder’s Remedy does not require any approval or amendment of City land use documents and indeed prevents a City from using City zoning

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