How is the current RHNA Cycle different from previous ones?

The 6th Cycle introduced several new demographic and housing factors that weren't present in previous cycles, including the consideration of "existing housing need" due to overcrowded housing conditions and cost-burdened households. The RHNA number for the SoCal area is also much higher this cycle than previous cycles.

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What is the City’s role in making sure Yorba Linda fulfills its Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) number?

Importantly, the City does not build housing. The market and market influences, such as certain subsidies, the macroeconomy, interest rates and more determine what housing gets built. The City’s role is to create zoning that would theoretically allow that number of housing units to be built over the RHNA period, in this case, 2021 to

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Aren’t there lawsuits that are going to overturn these State housing mandates? Can’t that alleviate the 2,415 RHNA housing allocation?

Yes, there are lawsuits in action now by cities. Indeed, Yorba Linda is a member of  the Orange County Council of Government (OCCOG), which has sued the State over the RHNA number for the SCAG region. Additionally, the City of Huntington Beach is on the front line of challenging the State and the Attorney General.

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