State Housing Mandates

I hear there are citizen initiatives being drafted that would return local control to cities and roll back many State housing policies. Can’t we wait for those to win before we commit to this new housing?

First: if those initiatives are successful, they will not reduce or change the current RHNA housing allocation. They may affect future ones, but all cities are obligated under existing law to address their RHNA housing allocation. Second: the viability of those initiatives appears low at this time. While there is enthusiasm among local elected leaders

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Aren’t there lawsuits that are going to overturn these State housing mandates? Can’t that alleviate the 2,415 RHNA housing allocation?

Yes, there are lawsuits in action now by cities. Indeed, Yorba Linda is a member of  the Orange County Council of Government (OCCOG), which has sued the State over the RHNA number for the SCAG region. Additionally, the City of Huntington Beach is on the front line of challenging the State and the Attorney General.

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Won’t the State Legislature change course on housing policy when it becomes clear that cites are getting pushback and many have not complied with State Housing mandates?

While Sacramento policy decisions are hard to predict, it is pretty clear from Sacramento policy experts that the legislature is even more bullish on housing mandates and that, rather than rolling back recent policy requirements, the State Legislature is adding on more mandates or expanding the applicability of mandates. The housing advocates in Sacramento reportedly

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