Does the Yorba Linda Right-to-Vote (Measure B) override other laws when it comes to rezoning? Why doesn’t it protect Yorba Linda from Builder’s Remedy?

State law takes precedence over local laws and ordinances. Measure B only applies to certain City actions to approve or amend City land use documents.  In contrast, the Builder’s Remedy does not require any approval or amendment of City land use documents and indeed prevents a City from using City zoning or General Plan requirements

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How is “lower income housing” defined?

"Lower income housing" represents housing that is for individuals and families making up to 120% of the area median income (AMI) for a household is split into three categories: moderate, low, and very low. The Orange County AMI is currently $127,800.  Moderate income in Orange County would be households making between 80%-120% of AMI, which

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Will traffic increase with the construction of new homes at Savi Ranch?

The most recent traffic analysis conducted in 2023 indicates that Savi Ranch can accommodate up to 850 additional housing units before reaching an unacceptable level of traffic. The proposed housing plan allows for approximately 800 new units; however, those new housing units (if constructed) would likely replace existing retail space and its associated traffic.

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Are the new developments being concentrated in one area, creating a “low-income housing zone”?

The Working Group considered fairness between various parts of the city and deemed Savi Ranch an appropriate location to add housing units. These decisions were influenced by development opportunities, concerns over fire evacuation, and feedback from residents. It is also important to note that the housing proposed in the Savi Ranch area would allow for

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How is the current RHNA Cycle different from previous ones?

The 6th Cycle introduced several new demographic and housing factors that weren't present in previous cycles, including the consideration of "existing housing need" due to overcrowded housing conditions and cost-burdened households. The RHNA number for the SoCal area is also much higher this cycle than previous cycles.

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